Grace Place Community is a spiritual community where you can experience, share and grow in grace. We call it a spiritual community, because it is so much more than what so many consider church to be.

It is a safe place where you can experience real and meaningful connection with your Creator through meaningful worship, genuine fellowship and on purpose ministry.

It is a fun place where you can share life with others by growing in friendship by doing life together.

It is a refreshing place where you can grow in your relationship with God and man!

Over the next several months we will be working to launch a new and exciting spiritual opportunity! Grace Place Community is a place for you and your family to come and do life with people who will accept, encourage, challenge and grow you to get the most out of this life.

This is not your “normal” church. This is not your “entertainment” church. This is not your “traditional” church. This is not your “going through the motions” church.

This is spiritual community that focuses more on living and growing in togetherness and relationship. Our focus is not on judging, but on blessing. We are not big on guilt, but we are huge on grace. Our goal is that as we grow together, we will each help the other to get to the next amazing place in life.

We hope you will join us! Sunday mornings at 11:00 AM We are located at 407 Ridgewood Drive in Greer SC, right behind the Copper River Grill, which is located on Wade Hampton Blvd. or Hwy. 29. Dress is casual. And if you need to reach us, you can give us a call at 864-320-1071. Hope to see ya here soon!

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